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The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.. I consider each role as the single most important step on my ongoing journey. I'm basking in the process and I wish you'll enjoy having a peak into my humble meanderings!
ACTRA Apprentice
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Podcast Meander Clip:
Boxing Day Sale - Ottawa Rideau Centre (French)
The Shipment
The Shipment is an incredible project that premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival

It's the most intense physical work I have done so far, with a wonderful and talented team of amazing people. I spent long hours getting prosthetics on, all before beginning each shooting day. Everyone involved brought great skills, passion and determination, bringing a beautiful story to life!
Podcast Meander
Podcast Meander will always hold a special place in my heart - not only do I relish doing voiceover work, but the high quality of the show along with the poignant subject matter and its masterful approach are exceedingly rare, much needed and valuable. It was a pure pleasure, and I would be up for another season in a heartbeat!
Sinsters saw me explore being abducted and abused, a challenge I was very excited about! It was an uncomfortable shoot, set mostly outside in the cold winter months, which made it even more rewarding. The team was lovely and very close, I would love to work with everyone again!
Eternity Tomorrow
Eternity Tomorrow was an intense and inspiring project, for which I got to portray a hands on, tormented detective, valiantly looking for the missing pieces of her troubled past. The fighting scenes were gratifying to shoot, along with my nuanced and interesting character.
They Dream
They Dream is my first feature film, an unforgettable experience with a small team of passionate artists. Shot over a period of time on location, it allowed me to develop myself greatly at the very beginning of my career, and I will forever be grateful for the adventure!
Stolen Life
Stolen Life brought me to Croatia for a few weeks, exploring period costumes and a dramatic love story. I loved being fully immersed in the Victorian environment, quite literally living on set while being inspired by the heartbreaking story.
Untold Stories of the ER
Untold Stories of the ER was fun and fast - a well oiled episodic based on real life events, in which I played a no-nonsense radiologist opposite a real doctor. I still remember repeating intracranial hemorrhage and orbital wall fracture ad nauseam; it had to sound second nature!
3 Hours Til Dead
3 Hours Til Dead was my first foray into the extreme zombie realm, and I appreciated every minute of it! It was so much fun to evolve in such an intense environment, where every action is heightened, under life or death circumstances. A solid team!
My OCD: Over Controlling Demon
My OCD: Over Controlling Demon was a passion project that I quite enjoyed bringing to life, a foray into the dark side of mental illness and its crippling, devastating effects.
Sinful Sam
Sinful Sam was light and lovely, with a fine team of comedic talent. It was a delight to follow the rhythm of the text and allow myself to be surprised by what comes up!
Case Study
Case Study was thrilling and unexpected. Shot over an afternoon, it encompasses extreme situations, guerilla filming in public spaces and full improvisation, which I revel in!
Finding Mr Right 2
This was the biggest set I have been a part of, an international success. Watching the cranes and extensive crews was impressive! I almost filmed with a real baby, but he was not cooperative, so the backup baby doll made it into the final shot.